Active climate and environmental protection has long been one of the major principles of our company. Therefore, we manufacture with particular emphasis on sustainability. Although carbon emissions cannot be completely avoided in the printing process, they can be offset elsewhere. In cooperation with the climate specialist ClimatePartner, we are further expanding our commitment for climate protection and print all your offset print products, such as flyers, business cards, posters or brochures, in a climate neutral manner at your request from now on. This gives you, as a customer, the option to offset any carbon emissions occurring in the printing process and thus make an effective contribution to climate protection. The surcharge for this option goes directly to a climate offset project of your choice which contributes verifiably to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Whether you want to support forest protection in Mozambique, a hydropower project in Indonesia or a wind energy project in Bandirma is your individual decision!

For each printing order, the carbon emissions incurred are individually accounted and offset. The costs for climate neutral printing come to only 0.9 % of the order value on average and are indicated separately already during the ordering process. An individual certificate verifying the offsetting of greenhouse gases is generated for each order and made available for download at no extra cost. This way, you can also demonstrate the climate neutrality of your print products to your customers. In addition, the logo "ClimatePartner – climate neutral" can be downloaded in various graphic formats (PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG) after the ordering process and integrated into the printing data you will later upload by means of the upload link provided. There is also the option to furnish the logo with an individual QR code which contains a link to verify the climate neutrality of your print product. This code is readable by all common smartphones. Thus, climate protection can be integrated into daily business with minimum extra costs and effort – easily, transparently and reasonably priced. This is your contribution to climate protection at a small price!

Order your next print material with the climate neutral option and make your share in climate protection visible to the outside world!

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