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Energy Management

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A producing company such as ours requires energy in a lot of places: Print and processing machines run 24/7, technical equipment and room management in the production halls have to be powered, offices need to be heated and server rooms cooled.

To not waste any energy, Onlineprinters has undergone certification according to
DIN ISO 50001. This energy management system scrutinizes all in-house processes in terms of energy efficiency to derive strategies to improve energy performance to help protect the environment. Our use of energy and heat, for example, shows that we take sustainable resource management seriously: By operating energy-efficient machines, we consume less electricity and a heat recovery system assures that we need almost no additional heating for the production rooms.

We have nominated an energy management officer and responsible persons at the different company levels who make sure that our self-set energy saving goals are implemented. Regular on-site audits by certified energy consultants and 
TÜV Süd additionally demonstrate how well the plans are implemented, and how more efficient processes can be created to protect the environment. By adopting a continuous improvement approach, energy costs are therefore not considered as fixed costs but we continually improve our energy consumption.