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New: Event tickets made of security paper

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New: Event tickets made of security paper

You can now custom print event tickets for your cultural happenings, sports competitions or other events. Our high-security paper stock prevents potential ticket fraud.

Event tickets are suitable for any kind of event – whether club party, company celebration, fund-raiser, concert or sports competition. Create a consistent event marketing design with our printed event tickets.

The event tickets are available in 10 pt. or thicker 14 pt. cardstock. There is also the option to add a perforation or have the tickets numbered. Optionally, you can print a second numbering on the perforated stub of the tickets.

The matte 195 gsm security paper features a red inner layer for quick and easy verification. This security feature is revealed when the tickets are torn, making them difficult to forge and ideal for controlling access to exclusive events. Another option is to add one or two numbers to your security-paper event tickets.

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