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Onlineprinters: A pioneer in quality

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Onlineprinters: A pioneer in quality

Onlineprinters: A pioneer in quality

Onlineprinters is one of the first print shops in Europe to have its postpress operations certified according to PSO. The result: top quality.

For reproducible print results

ProzessStandard Offsetdruck (PSO) assures the quality of print production from data acquisition to the finished print. Previous audits mainly focused on the color accuracy. The last audit in August 2017 extended the certification to include postpress, i.e. folding, cutting, punching and stitching through to the packaging ready to be shipped. The result of the audit: Onlineprinters fully meets the requirements.

The online print shop was audited by Ugra, the Swiss Center of Competence for Print and Media Technology. The company advocates standardisation in the printing industry. An on-site audit and analyses in the St. Gallen based test laboratory assure a comprehensive assessment.

Customers benefit from the PSO certification:

  • color accuracy of the print result thanks to specified standards
  • constant, high product quality over the entire print run
  • fast delivery through standardised processes in print and postpress.

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