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Imprim’Vert: successful environmental certification

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Imprim’Vert: successful environmental certification 


Green printing at Onlineprinters: Following the successful launch of an energy management system, the company was also eco-certified. Since August 2017, the online printer has been allowed to use the "Imprim'Vert" label.

Green from ordering through shipping

Environmental responsibility plays a key role at Onlineprinters. A data centre operated with zero carbon footprint, combined-run printing for optimised resources and carbon neutral shipping to all countries at no extra costs – these are just some of the aspects that make Onlineprinters a "green" print shop.

Green printing the French way

In August, Onlineprinters got the official permission to use the French "Imprim'Vert" eco-label which translates as "green printing".

To be allowed to carry the label, the company had to prove compliance with five criteria:

  • Disposal of hazardous wastes in line with standards
  • Safe storage of harmful liquids
  • No use of toxic substances
  • Monitoring of the energy consumption
  • Raising the awareness of staff and customers to handle resources in an environmentally conscious manner

All customers of Onlineprinters will benefit from the certification according to the French eco-standards.

Join in!

If you want to help save the environment, just select the "carbon neutral printing" option the next time you order. You can choose one of three climate projects to support: forest protection in Papua New Guinea, hydroelectric power in Madagascar or wind energy in Aruba.

Learn more about carbon neutral printing!