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New: printed beach balls for pool and water


Beach balls are a must-have beach accessory. This is what makes them ideal advertising tools. You can now order beach balls in our shop. 

The beach balls consist of three alternating segments of white and transparent colours respectively, to create the typical beach ball look. The following colour combinations are available:

  • white and transparent pink
  • white and transparent orange
  • white and transparent blue

Your logo or advertising message will be placed on one of the white segments.

 The beach balls have a PVC outer layer making it very lightweight, water-resistant and ideal for beach use. The PVC material is compliant with the European Standard for Toy Safety and was tested for cadmium. 

The oral inflation valve allows inflating the beach balls, which are 25 cm in diameter, by mouth or pump. 

Do you know our deck chains? The custom-printable deck chairs made of wood or aluminium are available with and without armrests and cup holder.

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