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Retractable banners now available in a classy black finish

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Retractable banners now available in a classy black finish

Retractable banners are a flexible marketing option to communicate both general and detailed information to visitors. Easy to set up without tools, our retractable banners are available in a silver and a black finish. If you already own one of our aluminum banner stands but need to update the custom printed graphics, simply order a fresh replacement banner and fit it into your existing system.

We now offer our retractable banners in classy black coated aluminum in addition to the silver finish. Each system is delivered with a carry bag to conveniently transport your retractable banners to different events. The banner stand's black finish adds a look of class and sophistication and is available in three versions and two sizes, respectively. The premium option additionally features a glossy silver cover on both sides of the aluminum cassette.

To present your message, you can choose between 18 oz. vinyl and 13 oz. polyester film. Vinyl has the advantage of being suitable for outdoor use as well. Thanks to its silver back coating, polyester film is highly opaque and blocks out light.

To get the most out of your event, hand out matching information flyers in different sizes. They are a physical take-home reminder of your company that presents all information at a glance.