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Ordering: Carbon neutral printing

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Although carbon emissions cannot be completely avoided in the printing process, they can be offset elsewhere. In awareness of our ecological responsibility, we have teamed up with climate specialist ClimatePartner to enable carbon neutral printing.

How can I print carbon neutral?

Climate protection has never been easier: Just click the "Carbon neutral production" option in the Payment/Shipment section when you order a product. The carbon emission of your print order will be calculated automatically and the surcharge goes directly into a climate offset project of your choice. The extra costs for this option are only about 0.7 percent of the order value and are shown separately for transparency.

What's in it for me?

By opting for carbon neutral printing, you actively take on responsibility for our nature and make an effective contribution to environmental protection. And you can actually show your commitment to your customers, employees or partners: After completing the order, you can download an individual PDF certificate with your name, order information and the amount of carbon offset. In addition, our label generator creates your individual climate protection label with a unique identification number which you can incorporate into your artwork prior to the upload - upon request even with QR code. The label will be provided as a PDF or EPS file free of charge.

How does carbon neutral printing work?

For every single printing order placed with the "Carbon neutral printing" option, the carbon emissions generated by your order will be offset elsewhere. This works by investing in a carbon offset project to compensate for the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. With your contribution you support the project of your choice for active environmental protection to help restore the climate balance.

You can currently choose between three climate offset projects. Whether you support forest protection in Brazil, a hydropower project in Indonesia or a wind energy project in Turkey: you prove that you are taking responsibility for nature and improve your "carbon footprint".

What has been achieved so far?

Ever since our online shop introduced carbon neutral printing, around five to six percent of our customers all over Europe have opted for this eco-friendly production option each month. In 2013 alone, tens of thousands of print orders were processed with zero carbon footprint. This is equivalent to the carbon emission of about 1,000 small cars each travelling 5.200 miles.