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The most popular print advertising products in 2017

The five best-selling offline marketing products onlineprinters
The five best-selling offline marketing products

The five best-selling printed advertising products have been determined. The marketing strategists of print provider Onlineprinters analyzed more than a million data records for this purpose. In 2017, Onlineprinters customers preferably put classic advertising products into their shopping carts: flyers, posters, folded leaflets, business cards and letterheads. "Despite the shift of advertising to online media, printed advertising is still an important part of the marketing mix. Our double-digit sales growth highlights just how much potential this has," says Christian Würst, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Onlineprinters. The data analysis shows advertising flyers are still favored by industries such as the hospitality and catering sector, the crafts and especially the booming construction business.

A trend to shorter print runs

Customers who purchase flyers order 5,000 copies on average; the biggest run for a single order was 800,000 flyers. "Smaller quantities, however, are increasingly popular because they are ideal to promote temporary campaigns and events, and address small target groups," Würst remarks and he continues: "The average print run of flyers decreased the most, going down around 10 percent. At the same time, the number of orders in this segment is rising significantly. Today, customers are willing to spend more for faster production and delivery. They are also prepared to pay an extra charge for finishing options and additional services such as bundling where we pack flyers in bundles of 100. This has the advantage of greatly facilitating the distribution among different groups of recipients."

Permanent advertising products are ideal for small budgets

Business cards, letterheads and flyers - these are the must-have products companies, self-employed persons or freelancers cannot live without even in the digital era. The latter in particular often have only a small marketing budget at their disposal. Marketing and sales expert Christian Würst's advice: "Customers aren't sufficiently aware of some advertising products yet. Long-term advertising items are ideal if you only have a small marketing budget but want to consistently catch your customers' attention. This includes calendars, desk pads, notebooks and other giveaways which serve as long-term brand reminders," Christian Würst says, and he adds: "With WiFi and mobile phones being essential for most of us today, especially such advertising products as power banks will gain a lot of popularity."

More finishing options and enhanced functionality

In 2017, Onlineprinters introduced its own paper collection, the Onlineprinters Art Classics (Gmund), and added letterpress business cards to its product line to address customers who are looking for exceptional products in top quality. "We will continue to cater to this new 'fan base' by offering special finishing options now also for flyers, postcards and business cards. This provides more individual design freedom," says Christian Würst.

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