The print file requirements differ depending on the type of catalogs:

  • catalogs without cover
  • catalogs with four-sided cover


If you would like to order catalogs without an additional cover, you have three options of submitting the print files:


If you would like to order catalogs with an additional four-sided cover, you have three options to submit the print files:

Why do we need single pages?

We impose the catalog inner sections for you, i.e. arranging and positioning the pages on the sheet. For this reason, please prepare your print files in single pages instead of double pages or export consecutive single pages in a PDF file if you have already created double pages.

Creep when folding catalogs

When folding catalogs with a high number of pages, the middle pages can be pushed outward resulting in a cascaded appearance.

The creep in brochures occurs through folding.

To prevent that objects near the edge such as page numbers, lines and other elements are cut off or are positioned too closely to the edge of the page, you should already allow for the creep when creating print data.

Observe safety margin

Important texts, logos and other illustrations that must not be cut off must be positioned at least 0.2 inch (more if possible) from the edge of the final format.

Please do not use white or coloured margins or outlines. Especially with small sizes such as 4.75 x 4.75 inch or 5.5 x 8.5 inch, we recommend to closely follow the safety margin and bleed specifications.

Naming singe files correctly

If you send us the inner section in several files with one page or several pages respectively, please name the files such that they are consecutively numbered.

Example: "Brochure_01.pdf", "Brochure_02.pdf", "Brochure_03.pdf", etc.

Covers created individually must also be named clearly.

Example: "Brochure-Cover_04_01.pdf", "Brochure-Cover_02_03.pdf".


Read more information on naming multiple-page documents.

Example: "Catalog_01.pdf", "Catalog_02.pdf", "Catalog_03.pdf", etc.

Example: "Catalog-Cover_04_01.pdf", "Catalog-Cover_02_03.pdf".