Converting JPEG, TIF and the like to vector graphics

Some of our products require PDF documents that include vector graphics. Vector graphics are based on lines and geometric shapes that can be engraved by a laser, for example. 

But how can you get a vector file if you only have pixel data? Basically, there are three options to achieve this:

  1. Vectorisation using an online tool 
  2. Manual redrawing using offline programs 
  3. Hiring an agency specialised in vectorising

The easiest way is to try an online tool first. 

We liked the free "" service in our tests. But remember: You can only use online vectorisation tools for laser engravings and monochrome pad and screen prints.

If the online vectoriser does not deliver the desired result, you can try to redraw pixel graphics in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Alternatively, you can hire a professional design agency to do the vectorisation. This is a worthwhile investment particularly in case of bicoloured images or frequently needed graphics such as logos. Prices start at around EUR 50 for simple graphics.