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How do I create relief varnish?

Create another colour field in the layout program and assign the respective colour to the desired design elements.

  • Name of the colour field: “varnish"
  • Colour type: spot colour
  • Colour value: 100 % Magenta

Please observe the following when creating design elements:

  • Line weight: min. 3 pt (1.06 mm)
  • Font size: min. 14 pt (thinnest line in the typeface: min. 1 mm)
  • Space between elements of the relief varnish: min. 3 pt (1.06 mm)
  • Distance to the final format and all punched, grooved and creased lines: min. 3 mm

Before exporting the print file, set all relief varnish design elements to "Overprint".

Please also note the information under “Data info” on the product pages in our online shop.

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