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What is a preview file?

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Information about production and delivery times:
Our production facilities are closed on 2020-06-01. This may prolong delivery times by 2 to 3 additional workdays.
Our customer service will also not be available on this day. We ask for your understanding.

What is a preview file?

A preview file is an additional PDF required especially for print products which will be cut, perforated, numbered or folded. 

All print products which will be cut (i.a. flyers, flat invitations, business cards) require a preview file showing the print data including a displayed cut contour in addition to the print files. This helps us understand how the motive and/or cut contour shall be positioned.

A preview file is also required for numbered products (e.g. tickets). It must show where the numbering should be positioned.

Print products which will be perforated only require a preview file if the position of the perforation can be selected freely.

We require a preview file for products which will be folded (e.g. posters with right angle fold) if the fold deviates from the standard and/or a specific page shall serve as cover.