File formats

We can process the following file formats:

  1. PDF
  2. TIFF
  3. JPEG


We prefer processing PDF files ("Portable Document Format"). Using the right settings, they are ideally suited for submitting your print files and processing them into high-quality print products. We have complied a summary of important information for creating a printable PDF.


TIFF or TIF ("Tagged Image File Format") is a raster-based file format to store image data. Using the right settings, it is also suited for submitting your print files.

Important notes on print files in TIFF format:

  • No multiple-page TIFF files but one TIFF file per page of the print files
  • All levels reduced to one level
  • Reduce alpha channels
  • Use LZW compression


JPEG or JPG files with maximum output quality are generally suited to submit print files.

Important notes on print files in JPEG format:

  • Maximum output quality through highest quality level or lowest compression rate
  • Format option "Baseline (standard)"

Compressed files

We can process compressed files (ZIP/RAR) containing the file formats mentioned above. Please make sure to avoid password protection when creating the archive.

Files generated by Office programs

Print files from Office programs must be exported as PDF. Please find information in this regard in our program tips.

We cannot process the following file formats:

  • Photoshop document (.psd)
  • Illustrator document (.ai)
  • InDesign document (.indd)
  • GIMP document (.xcf)
  • Word document (.docx)
  • Powerpoint document (.pptx)
  • Excel document (.xlsx)
  • OpenOffice documents (.odt, .odp, .ods)
  • QuarkXpress document (.qxd)
  • CorelDRAW documents (.cdr, .cdt, .cmx)
  • PageMaker document (.pmd)
  • EPS document (.eps)

Please note that this list is not complete and there might also be other file formats we cannot process as well.