Format & format deviations

Please refer to the "Artwork information" section of the individual product pages for important information to be considered when creating your artwork. You can also download product-specific print templates for the common layout programmes InDesign and Photoshop.

Always create your artwork in file format and in original size. Also observe the proper text direction and sequence of pages.


What is the difference between file format and trimmed size?

Data format

The data format specifies the dimensions which are relevant for creating the artwork. The bleed of 2 mm on all sides (if not specified otherwise) is already included in the size indication.

Artwork of a flyer created in data format

Artwork of a flyer created in data format


Trimmed size

Always design your print files in the open final format adding a bleed of 0.1 inch.

  • Open final format: print product completely unfolded
  • Closed final format: print product folded and closed
Printed flyer in open trimmed size

Printed flyer in open trimmed size

Printed flyer in closed trimmed size

Printed flyer in closed trimmed size

What happens when the artwork deviates from the required format?

If we detect format deviations after data upload, we will automatically adjust this, if possible.

  • Format adjustment: If the artwork is not created in the correct file format (section "Artwork information" on the respective product page), we will automatically scale it to the ordered format, if possible. However, an optimal print image cannot be guaranteed in this case – especially when scaling from a smaller to a larger format (e.g. from A6 to A3).
  • Bleed adjustment: If no bleed or an incorrect bleed has been created in the artwork, we will add it automatically. Please note, however, that in some cases this can lead to distortion of the printed image or an optimal trim cannot be guaranteed.

The bleed or format adjustment will, of course, not take place without your consent. If your artwork does not meet our artwork requirements, you will be notified after data upload. This allows you to correct errors yourself and then upload your print data again.