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The resolution of your print files has a major influence on the print quality of your product. For highly precise details (“sharpness”), please design your print files in the respectively indicated resolution which can be found under “Data info” on the product pages in our online shop.


  • Resolution: at least 300 dpi
  • Resolution for posters: at least 200 dpi
  • Resolution for banners and retractable banners: at least 150 dpi

Which resolution is required for my print files?

Generally, the guiding value of 300 dpi in original size applies to the most print products – both to the print files themselves and also to integrated images. This value can differ in particular for large-format products: since the bigger the distance between an image and its viewer, the lower the resolution can be.

Resolution for posters and selected advertising systems

Posters should be created with a minimum of 200 dpi in original size and advertising systems such as banners and retractable banners should be created with a minimum of 150 dpi in original size. Please also note the information under “Data info” on the product pages in our online shop.

Ideal versus low resolution

A resolution of 300 dpi is ideal for printing.
A resolution of 72 dpi is only suited for printing to a limited extent.

Scaling and interpolation

Always design your print files in the desired output size, i.e. on a scale of 1:1. The same applies to inserted images. Avoid artificially expanding images through subsequent interpolation/scaling. This can lead to quality losses in printing.