With our production process according to ProcessStandard Offset (ISO 12647-2), we guarantee a reliable color result.

Sending us samples and proofs is thus not necessary. We can neither consider nor return samples sent to us. 

If you want to check your print products beforehand, we recommend ordering only a few copies of the product at first. 

The following must be observed:

  • The control copy is not accurate in terms of colour or material.
  • A blue reference line at the margin and binding of the control copy indicates the trim edge of the final format. This line will not appear in the final product.
  • The control copy is not trimmed to the final format so that you can also see the bleed.
  • The control copy for saddle-stitched or loop-stitched brochures is bound with two staples. Catalogues and brochures with a gummed mount are bound with a filing strip.

Production of your order will start after print approval.