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Tips for file creation

How to create a PDF file

There are many ways to create a PDF file. Here you will find a short overview of the specifications for creating PDF files:

PDF Versions

We can process PDF files starting from versions PDF 1.3. Please observe our data requirements to avoid faulty or undesired printing results.


When exporting PDF files from CorelDRAW, please reduce all transparencies – use the "PDF/X-1a:2001" standard for this purpose if applicable.


Please remember to observe our data requirements when creating your PDF file:

  • Bleed (usually 2 mm)
  • Resolution (usually min. 300 dpi)
  • Font embedding (complete or as subgroup)
  • For large format products, please refer to the data information on the product page (bleed, resolution)

Ways to create a PDF file:

1. PDF export method (for example, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator,
Quark XPress, Corel Draw etc.)

  • Export the PDF file from a professional layout program
  • Select PDF/X-4, PDF/X-3 or PDF/X-1a as export setting

2. Generating PDF files using freeware

It is not advisable to use PDF freeware because they usually do not create high-quality PDF files. Nevertheless, should you choose to use freeware such as "PDFWriter", use the same Export settings as described in PDF export method. For more information, see our data requirements and the data check.
To create PDF documents from Adobe programs, you can download the Job options.

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