Delivery time

The total delivery time consists of: 

receipt of payment, receipt of data, production time and shipment duration.

The following must be observed: 

Receipt of payment: Depending on your choice of payment method, the amount will be debited at different times. Advanced payment is the only type of payment that requires the receipt and booking of payment prior to the start of production. Please take this into consideration for orders with pressing deadlines. You will find an overview of all payment options in the "Payment options" section.

Receipt of data: As soon as all data has been sent by using "data upload", you must confirm this by clicking on "Finalize". Only then can the data be processed by our production department. Should your data not comply with our requirements, delays may result. 

Production time: The production times depend on the item and/or your selection from the respective product page. You will find an overview in the production times section. 

Shipment duration: The shipment duration depends on your order and the respective destination country. For more information, see Shipping and Shipping information.

If ordering, payment and artwork upload are completed before 10 pm EST on working days, the respective day is counted in the overall delivery time. Orders received after 10 pm EST will be processed on the next working day.

Working days are from Monday through Friday, NO Saturdays and Sundays.