Event tickets


Printed event tickets are still a must-have for concerts, art events or sports competitions even in the digital age of smart phones, smart watches and similar devices. Print event tickets for concerts, festivals, theatre or opera performances, cinema or other events. A very common size for tickets is 2 inch x 5.5 inch, larger ones are frequently ordered in size 8.5 inch x 2.75 inch or 8.5 inch x 3.5 inch. We recommend enclosing flyers or postcards with your event tickets to provide more details about the event.


Make your event tickets even more functional by numbering them in ascending order. By the way, it is not necessary to start numbering with 1, which is especially useful when youve got more than one event in a row or planning a series of events. Furthermore, the perforation option facilitates the process of selling and checking the tickets. You can order up to 2 numbering elements and 2 perforation areas. Another way to improve the handling of event tickets is to choose the glue-strip option: If selected, 50 tickets will be glued into a pad.


Last but not least, you can give your tickets an individual touch by choosing the right material. There are two options for the paper finish: matte and glossy. Glossy paper is commonly favored for its bright and shiny color effect while matte paper exudes sophistication and refinement. Both of them are high quality and robust coated papers. On top of that, we offer two paper weights: 10 pt. cardstock and 14 pt. cardstock. Higher paper weights make the entry cards more durable, whereas a more lightweight paper will save you space and is easier to transport.