RSVP Cards


RSVP cards are often used when you kindly ask your invitees to rpondez s'il vous plat, which is French for "please reply". The response cards are perfect for celebrations and events and in particular for weddings. But RSVP cards also have their place in business. They are ideal for evening events or in-house exhibitions when the organizer needs to know how many visitors will attend.


The addition "regrets only" on an RSVP card means "if you do not reply, the invitation will be considered accepted." Guests are only expected to let the hosts know if they are unable to attend. "Regrets only" cards are often send together with save the date cards to announce the planned event several weeks in advance. Printed RSVP cards are usually small and compact. We offer the standard 3.5 x 5 inch size. When you print rsvp cards, both the front and back can be printed in color. You can choose between light and heavy papers for the RSVP cards such as the standard 10 pt. cardstock paper or thicker 14 pt. cardstock paper.


Space on the RSVP cards is very limited. Therefore, most hosts add a few sentences only. Usually, the invitee is kindly asked to respond in the form of, "The favor of a reply is requested by," or simply, "Please respond by," followed by the date. Another common practice is to add check boxes or lines with predefined answers; once the recipient gets the card, he or she just needs to check whether they accept or decline. Remaining space can be used to add important notes. If you are inviting to a wedding for example, you might include menu options for your guests to select their food choices. Or you add an extra line asking your invitees whether they have any special dietary requirements. Dont forget to provide for some blank space or a line for your guests to write their name on. You could also include the line 'We will ___ attend' on your RSVP card. If your guests accept, they will leave the space in-between "will" and "attend" blank and add "not" if they must decline.